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0.0 Review from S. Source: RealSelf Jul 15 2019

"rhinoplasty - I’m three days before getting my surgery with Dr. Shah. So far I’m feeling really excited I’ve been watching vlogs about them. I’m going to have a closed rhinoplasty that will get ride of the dorsal hump I have. He also explained that in removing that the side of my nose will be pushed in so that it isn’t as wide anymore. During our consultation he listened to what I had wanted which was to remove the dorsal hump and slim the middle and showed me what he can do for me."

0.0 Review from A. Source: RealSelf Apr 16 2019

"Surgery This Friday - So I've always been self-conscious of my nose. From the front, it's perfect. Nice and straight, if a little short for my taste it still fits and looks great. From the side? I look like a rat. I used to get teased about it when I was younger and I've always hated my profile. I hide behind my hair, and find it awkward when someone sits next to me, as I know they're going to look over and see my..."

0.0 Review from S. Source: RealSelf Sep 01 2016

"Best Experience So Far - Denver, CO - I went to Dr Shah after much web searching, and I am so happy and lucky to have found him! I have had two rhinoplasties done in New York, by two different doctors, both with bad results. My nose has never been straight, but nobody explained to me exactly what was going on, how asymmetrical my face was, how the left side of my face is smaller and tighter and it's pulling the nose with it, and how the cartilage has a memory of going back to how it was. So I was very unhappy with my nose, especially after going thru 2 surgeries.Dr Shah has reviewed my records and my history prior to meeting with him, and we talked at length about the anatomy of my nose/face, what the plan for surgery is, what my expectations should be after. He took all the time I needed to understand the entire process, and not only he is very professional, bright, but friendly too, very pleasant and personable. He never pushed anything on me, like some other doctors do. He answered all my questions, he made me feel very comfortable, and post op he checked regularly on me, even texted me from his cell phone!!!! My experience with him was amazing. His staff is also incredible, and I'm talking here about Brenda, so nice and caring and accomodating each time. I am very happy with the results, I have more confidence than before, and I can take pictures from either side of my profile :-) . I still see Dr Shah, now for Botox injections, and he is a master at that too! I would recommend him to anyone."

0.0 Review from C. Source: Citysearch Feb 04 2012

"I was so extremely lucky to find Dr. Shah who was able to reconstruct my nose after four rhinoplasty surgeries with other doctors in Denver that were performed incorrectly. One of these doctors is even well known in town for working with?"

0.0 Review from C.L. Source: Citysearch Feb 03 2012

"I was so extremely lucky to find Dr. Shah who was able to reconstruct my nose after four rhinoplasty surgeries with other doctors in Denver that were performed incorrectly. One of these doctors is even well known in town for working with celebrities, but none came close to Dr. Shahâ??s skill and ability and level of patient care. Dr. Shah actually listened to what I wanted and took the time to make sure that he fully understood what I was looking for and how to best achieve it due to the extensive work that was done previously on my nose. It has been over a year now and I couldnâ??t be happier with the result! I also had a lip implant and a chin reduction surgery with Dr. Shah as well as various fillers and a fat transfer in my cheeks. I wouldnâ??t go to anyone else after seeing how amazing my results have been!! Dr. Shah is truly a master at his craft and on the forefront of the plastic surgery industry when it comes to cutting edge technology and procedures. His education and training at one of the best schools in the country and his ability to relate on a personal level is a rare combination to find in a doctor of his caliber. He truly understands aesthetics and the science behind balancing the face and body. In addition, Dr. Shahâ??s staff is wonderful and such a pleasure to work with. TJ, the nurse on staff, was so fabulous from the first day I walked in the office. She is extremely knowledgeable and kind and has a great sense of humor. You can tell she really cares about each individual client and made my post-operative care experience the best Iâ??ve ever had. The healing process was so much more pleasant and enjoyable than any of my prior surgeries. She and Dr. Shah make an amazing team! I wouldnâ??t go to any other plastic surgeon in Denver again, and that is saying a lot from someone who has seen the number of doctors that I have. Dr. Shah is the best of the best!!!!"
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