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Ultrasonic, or Piezo, rhinoplasty is the latest, most advanced FDA-approved technique available for minimally traumatic nasal bone reshaping and hump removal during rhinoplasty. Unlike traditional rhinoplasty techniques, which use hammers and chisels and are more traumatic and less accurate, Piezo ultrasonic rhinoplasty provides precise, beautiful results in a more gentle procedure. This ground-breaking technology is currently only available in CA, NY, FL, and at Shah Aesthetic Surgery in Englewood, CO. If you’d like to learn more about this gentler solution for sculpting a new nose with stunning results, contact Shah Aesthetic Surgery today and schedule a consultation.

  • Zero tissue damage

  • Little to no swelling and bruising

  • More accurate than traditional rhinoplasty

  • Prevents uncontrolled bone fractures

  • Results are more elegant and beautiful, appearing sculpted

  • Recovery is quicker

  • Less risk of complications or need for revision rhinoplasty

Both men and women are candidates for Ultrasonic Piezo rhinoplasty. If you are unhappy with the size and shape of your nose and have areas you hope to correct and enhance, then this treatment may be the ideal answer. It is important that realistic expectations are discussed, as your nose and facial profile will be altered. Furthermore, facial growth and maturity should also be complete. This factor will be discussed during your consultation, especially for adolescents. For people who want a quicker recovery, Ultrasonic Piezo rhinoplasty is a great solution since the procedure is gentler than traditional rhinoplasty, making recovery time shorter.

I cannot express how much Dr Shah's experience has meant to me. I inquired about a rhinoplasty surgery and has contemplated it for quite some time. I had heard and saw first hand Dr. Shah's work from a close friend and loved it! I set up my consult through Joel (who is so helpful with the process and noting everything I was wanting) . Dr Shah went through every step, including what exactly happened during the surgical procedure (for those who are interested he has videos of the surgeries on his Instagram account) so that I would fully prepared for everything. Not only was he in depth, but he was willing to answer every question. I was apprehensive when it came to the image itself - I wasn't sure if it grasped what I wanted. We emailed back and fourth and he calmed my nerves explaining that my goals were able to be achieved and that I had nothing to worry about. I think my biggest apprehension was that it was just new - smaller and more symmetrical. It has nothing to do with his actual rendering, I was just not used to how my face would look. Leading up to the surgery, Dr. Shah and his team really took their time to go over exactly what to expect and projected timeline on healing. Brenda makes sure you are ready to go for the surgery with information and medications to go home. The morning of, we got up nice and early and were greeted by the amazing surgical staff. I will say the procedure went very smoothly and my nurses were so sweet. The anesthesiologist Lee is also wonderful calling the night before to go over everything! I was a little tired after waking up and had some intense bruising. After care is so important (as was before the surgery). I followed my instructions to a T. Adding more protein, taking all my medications and most importantly RESTING! Ice packs were my best friend in between my naps. After just seven days my sutures and splints all came off (it was a little uncomfortable but not bad) and the results made me immediately cry. This was MY nose, but it was perfect! I previously had large nostrils and a downward facing deviated septum, but not anymore! I have exactly what I've always wanted and I feel it has made my face seem more symmetrical. I couldn't be happier. Once everything was off, Dr. Shah showed me all the taping and compression techniques which I have loved. I went home that day and switched to some heat packs and saline solution (no blowing the nose yet!). These techniques have been amazing (especially the compressions and taping, helps the swelling SO much) and as of today, my nose is further in the healing process than we had anticipated! I really owe that to my routine and medications - they work amazing. I have never felt so comfortable with a medical team. Each and every member will make you feel welcomed and heard. Thank you all but especially Dr. Shah for being so supportive and talented. I will be forever grateful for you!

R.J. Google

Dr. Shah made me feel comfortable every time I saw him - I had a revision rhinoplasty by Dr. Shah and I couldn't be happier. I had a rhinoplasty in 2005 that I was never really happy with. As I reached my mid-40's my nose started to get lumpy and you could actually see and feel the bumps on the bridge of my nose. I wanted to get a revision but didn't have the time to focus on it, until COVID. I live in a mid-sized city (Colorado Springs, CO) and I believe I went to every plastic surgeon in CS and I could see doctors faces become uncomfortable when I would go in for a consult for a revision. Most of them just made me uncomfortable with how defensive they would become. I found Dr. Shah through research on the internet and went in for my consult. Within 30 seconds of looking at my nose he said "I know how to fix this" and boy did he ever. I didn't want a drastic change and he gave me that as well. Dr. Shah has a system for minimal bruising that works magic and I had very little bruising after my surgery. Dr. Shah is professional and made me feel comfortable every time I saw him. The staff (especially Brenda) is amazing too. I like them all so much I am going back in several months for a neck lift and and chin implant. I will get pictures posted eventually but if you are considering a rhinoplasty revision - Dr. Shah is AMAZING and you will not be disappointed.

R. RealSelf

My nose healed nicely and fits my face perfectly - I had a rhinoplasty with Dr. Shah a year ago. My nose healed nicely and fits my face perfectly. The whole experience was great. I was very nervous for the procedure but everything went smoothly. I recommend Dr. Shah to anyone considering a rhinoplasty.

M. RealSelf

Had a rhinoplasty & absolutely loved my results! ☺️

I.G. Google

I have had two procedures by Dr. Shah, Rhinoplasty and lip lifts and I couldn’t be happier. He, and his staff are extremely professional and super friendly. Uria (front office manager/ receptionist) I would like to give her, her own 5 star ⭐️ rating. She is an absolute Gem. I felt that she greeted and treated me like family!! I am a business owner, so I know how important that position is. Dr. Shah is a complete master at his specialties. I appreciate his enthusiasm for his work and his ability to do his craft with precision as well as his eye aesthetically. I can breathe so easily through both sides of my nose and It looks absolutely amazing! Ten stars because I could possibly be one of the happiest people on the planet. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

H.K. Google


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The technique for ultrasonic rhinoplasty is a bit different from that of traditional rhinoplasty surgery. Instead of using hammers, chisels, and rasps, which create more damage are require more healing time, ultrasound, or focused sound waves, are used. Using an ultrasound wand that can be equipped with different tips, humps in the nose can be removed without damaging underlying tissue while allowing Dr. Shah to create a very precise nasal ridge. The end result is a more beautiful nose with far less trauma, less swelling, and almost no bruising.


This blog gives you all the information you might want about the most difficult procedure in cosmetic surgery, written by Manish H. Shah, MD, FACS, a specialist in rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, and ethnic rhinoplasty surgery located in Englewood, Colorado.

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Because of the more extensive skin undermining needed to perform ultrasonic rhinoplasty, the surgery itself takes 2-3 hours to perform. Recovery after ultrasonic rhinoplasty is similar to traditional rhinoplasty. You still need to wear a nasal splint for seven days. You still need to sleep with your head of bed elevated, and you still need to apply ice to the nose. Dr. Shah still uses night time taping and soft tissue massage techniques after the splint is removed at postoperative day number seven. The difference is that your nose looks more presentable to the public early on and the long-term final result is enhanced once full healing has occurred at the one year postoperative mark.

Anyone healthy enough for traditional rhinoplasty is a candidate for ultrasonic rhinoplasty. The investment in this procedure is offset by the reduced need for revision surgery in the future.

How much does ultrasonic rhinoplasty cost?

The cost of ultrasonic rhinoplasty varies based on a number of factors, mainly how complex your procedure is. Before estimating costs, Dr. Shah will listen to your concerns and goals to help develop your custom treatment plan. Once this is complete, he can go over costs for the facility, anesthesia, and more. To get your best results, it's better to focus on selecting an experienced surgeon, like Dr. Shah, instead of the lowest cost. To help make your surgery easy to afford, Shah Aesthetic Surgery accepts several payment methods, and we can help you find low-interest financing.

Will my insurance cover an ultrasonic rhinoplasty procedure?

Although ultrasonic Piezo rhinoplasty to improve your appearance is not paid for by insurance, if your nose reshaping surgery is considered medically necessary to improve your breathing, some of your costs may be covered. If you are considering using your insurance, please tell Dr. Shah in your consultation. We can help you submit the needed paperwork and information to your insurance to properly process your claim.

Can I combine ultrasonic Piezo rhinoplasty with other facial surgeries?

Some patients think about combining ultrasonic rhinoplasty with another procedure, like cheek or chin augmentation. Combining surgeries for a more dramatic result can be discussed during your consultation with Dr. Shah. Once he understands your goals, he can help you decide which procedures will be in your treatment plan. Ultrasonic Piezo rhinoplasty can help your whole face appear more balanced, so you should wait to see your results before considering another procedure.

What about ethnic rhinoplasty?

Ethnic rhinoplasty is about improving the nose while still keeping your cultural identity. This may be a consideration if you are African-American, Asian, or Middle Eastern. During your consultation with Dr. Shah, you can discuss what you like about your nose and what you want to change. This will allow him to customize your ultrasonic Piezo rhinoplasty treatment plan to give you the best results.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.