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Lift and Smooth Sagging Facial Skin with Facelift Surgery

Dr. Manish Shah05/19/2023

Find out how facelift surgery can lift and smooth sagging facial skin, reducing deep creases and boosting self-esteem.


At What Age Should You Consider Mini Facelift Surgery?

Dr. Manish Shah04/18/2023

There's no cut-off age for a mini facelift, but the procedure is most effective on specific types of mild to moderate signs of aging.


What is a Ponytail Facelift?

Dr. Manish Shah03/23/2023

A ponytail facelift can provide the refreshed appearance you've been looking for. Learn what's involved in this facial rejuvenation procedure here.


Can Rhinoplasty Make My Nose Narrow?

Dr. Manish Shah02/17/2023

Are you unhappy with the width of your nose? Consider undergoing a rhinoplasty surgery to reshape your nose.


Will Facelift Surgery Get Rid of Sagging Jowls?

Dr. Manish Shah01/21/2023

If you have sagging jowls, schedule a facelift consultation in Denver, CO to learn which procedure can give you a tight jawline.


What Does a Mini Facelift Include?

Dr. Manish Shah12/26/2022

Learn how a mini facelift in Denver, CO can give you a more youthful appearance by smoothing away wrinkles and tightening the skin.


Will I Experience Congestion After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Dr. Manish Shah11/17/2022

Rhinoplasty procedures can enhance the appearance of your nose. Learn about rhinoplasty recovery and what you can do about post-treatment congestion.


Why Facelift Surgery After Weight Loss May be for You

Dr. Manish Shah10/13/2022

Facelift surgery can correct loose skin after significant weight loss. Learn about this advanced procedure and how our team creates contoured results.


How Likely is Full Facelift Surgery Needed Years After a Mini Facelift?

Dr. Manish Shah09/13/2022

Cosmetic surgery can address common problems like sagging skin around the face and neck. See if you are a candidate for a mini or full facelift here.


Four Ways to Protect Your Rhinoplasty Results During Recovery

Dr. Manish Shah08/14/2022

Learn tips on how to protect your rhinoplasty results during your recovery process to ensure successful nose job results.


Here's What You Should Know Before Having Facelift Surgery

Dr. Manish Shah07/30/2022

Did you know there are several types of facelift surgery? Find out if you are a candidate and which one may be right for you.


Erase Years Off Your Appearance With Mini Facelift Surgery

Dr. Manish Shah06/16/2022

A mini facelift tightens sagging skin on the lower part of the face. Learn more about how the procedure can help rejuvenate your appearance.


Can I Eat After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Dr. Manish Shah05/26/2022

Rhinoplasty surgery has cosmetic, functional, and personal benefits. Find out what you can eat after this procedure here.


Choosing Between A Full and Mini Facelift

Dr. Manish Shah04/16/2022

Dr. Manish Shah provides patients throughout the South Denver area with innovative, customized facelift options to combat signs of aging.


Is Breathing Through the Nose Normal During Rhinoplasty Recovery?

Dr. Manish Shah03/06/2022

It takes time before you can breathe through your nose after rhinoplasty. Learn about rhinoplasty recovery and read our tips for breathing easier.


Four Reasons Men Choose Facelift Surgery

Dr. Manish Shah02/26/2022

Facelift surgery can tighten your skin, removing sagging and fat, and erasing wrinkles for a wonderfully natural-looking facial transformation.


How Can I Tell If I Need a Turbinectomy?

Dr. Manish Shah01/25/2022

If you are suffering from chronic congestion, sleep apnea, and breathing problems in your nasal passage, a turbinectomy may be needed.


What is Ultrasonic Piezo Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Manish Shah12/27/2021

There are many benefits to ultrasonic rhinoplasty over traditional rhinoplasty, including quicker recovery times and less trauma.


How Do I Know if Rhinoplasty is Right for Me?

Dr. Manish Shah11/20/2021

Whether it's for cosmetic, reconstruction, or functionality concerns, there are many reasons people consider rhinoplasty.


What Happens During a Rhinoplasty Consultation?

Dr. Manish Shah11/17/2021

Rhinoplasty is a big step to make and patients need to be fully informed before deciding on the procedure.

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