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Review from T.H.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Aug 09, 2017

Went in for a rhinoplasty with Dr. Shah and was very disappointed with the results. The simulations looked nothing like how I did afterward- he didn't take down my tip enough, so it looked much larger than it did previously. I asked to have my "German bump" reduced- it was shaved down from the top, which I was thrilled about, but not from the sides - still giving my nose a bumpy and strange look. After results that I wasn't pleased with (and being told that it was just "shading" and that I should just push on the bones to make them go where I wanted them to go), I had an accident that left my nose broken. I desperately tried to work with Dr. Shah to figure out how to get it fixed, and his office continually gave me the run-around and cancel appointments with me until I ran out of time to have it fixed (the nose starts healing into the new position after about a week) and went through my insurance instead. Any reviews I've posted explaining my experience, Dr. Shah is extremely defensive and borderline offensive towards me. Regardless, I think others should know my experience and take it into consideration!My advice would be to pick someone else to entrust your face with!---Update: as a response to Dr. Shah's comment, yes, my procedure was a few years ago, though that is not relevant. I am having a revision completed by Dr. Stephen Weber, who has made it apparent that these issues were in fact issues and are correctable. I think it would be pretty crazy to go back to a physician who did not do what he said he would do, and failed me as his patient when I experienced trauma to my nose. Your patients deserve better, and I hope you've improved your practice since I had my procedure.Update #2: Dr. Shah keeps changing the comment he leaves, I'm not sure why. The previous one was very defensive. As a follow-up, Dr. Weber is FANTASTIC! Go to him! More

Review from Y.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Jul 02, 2014

26 Years Old, Closed Rhinoplasty July 18th - Englewood, CO - Dr. Shah was very friendly and helpful in the preparation for the surgery and was good at making me feel at ease beforehand, which I really appreciated, as someone that was nervous about having this procedure done in the first place.I am relatively happy with my nose and what he did - though it is VERY subtle and even those close to me cannot tell that anything changed (including my mother and boyfriend!). So the thousands of dollars change is very slight. The "German bump" on my nose is not noticeable from the profile anymore, which I am thrilled about! There are still bumps on either side of my nose however, which was not in the simulations or at all what I wanted. Dr. Shah said this was a "lighting" issue but I can feel the bumps, so I'm not convinced that's the case. But - he did a relatively good job, nonetheless. His work on the tip of my nose looks good as well, just extremely subtle as well. He would probably be perfect for someone that only wants a minor change and would not require or desire any follow up care. I unfortunately will probably be seeking a revision to get what I wanted in the first place. Please see my latest update on how he and his office handled an injury to my nose 6 months after surgery. This is why I decided to change my review and why his office will not receive positive ratings from me at this time. There are plenty of qualified facial surgeons in Colorado - I recommend putting your money and your one and only face into someone else's hands. More

Review from M.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Jan 27, 2014

Two Sides Don't Match - Denver, CO - He was very convincing and a good sales person. Seemed knowledgeable - I just think he might not have taken enough time on the left side. More

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