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1.0 Review from Anonymous Source: Vitals Sep 14 2013

"I went in for a laser treatment and woke up during the procedure. I remember that it was very painful and I grabbed onto the assistant's hand. Aside from that, I don't remember anything about it. I went home and recuperated for about a week. At my follow-up appointment with Dr. Shah, he told me that he hadn't finished the procedure, as I was screaming too much, and that, instead of getting the usual benefit, I only got about 10 percent of what others normally got. My complaint is that the medication they gave me to induce unconsciousness did not work. I feel this was medical negligence. Last year, another plastic surgeon whom I consulted told me that I could have sued the doctor/ clinic. P.S. In addition to the above, the receptionist had told me prior to having the procedure that if I needed to have a second treatment, it would be free of charge. When I asked Dr. Shah about this at my follow-up appointment, he said no, he wouldn't do that,"
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