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Reviews for Denver, CO Plastic Surgeon Dr. Manish Shah

1.0 Review from A.S. Source: Yelp May 25 2022

"I honestly regret choosing this doctor for my rhinoplasty. I went to him in 2018 for my first rhinoplasty and I trusted that he could give me my desired results. A couple months of healing and my results showed that I had an inverted V deformity nose which means he cut too much of nasal bone down. I went back to see him and he told me that we can do a revision to fix it, add a graft to the middle and it would be fixed. Since I added that, my nose is now very droopy and I’m having severe breathing problems and cannot breath naturally like I used to. There is also a dent on my nose and it looks extremely crooked especially when I smile. Also if you are an experienced doctor, you would know that if you are slimming down the bridge of the nose, whatever part you didn’t make smaller will appear very large in my case, as with my tip drooping over. I’m still very unhappy/sad with my nose after two rhinoplasties with him and I payed for the initial surgery which was over 8k and for the revision I had to pay over 2k for anesthesia fees. I went back to him recently to talk about the issues I am having. He presented that I do a tip surgery that will put more graft in the tip of my nose and bring it up which he says is non invasive. I was quoted another 6.7k to fix the issue that he initially was unable to do in one surgery. I am now going to pay more money to be happy with the tip of my nose, and am so fearful that something could go wrong since this will now have to be my third time getting a rhinoplasty. I wish I could go back and chose a different doctor. I think doing your research and at least consulting with many doctors before you make your decision, and try to avoid having to do multiple surgeries to fix the previous one."

1.0 Review from Y.M. Source: Yelp Feb 10 2021

"I am only giving one star because there’s no other option, but if I could, I would give him a 0. I had a revision rhinoplasty done by Shah Manish in April 2019. All I wanted was to breathe better and have a better projection because my nose tip was significantly dropped. I regret so much having had surgery with this doctor as he did a horrible job. Not only did he make my nose worse than it was, but he destroyed my nose. My nose looked ugly. He could not fix my tip; my breathing problem worsens. One year later July 2020, I went back to his office and said he would fix it by doing another office procedure, I trusted him again, and he just made it worse. He left a bump on my nose that was not there.I absolutely hated my nose, had no confidence, had depression for a while, and could no longer pursue my modeling career because of the results. I kept going back to his office to express how I felt about it, and he never listened to me or let me talk. All he said was that my nose was very swollen and that it would get better eventually, which never did. I spent two years dealing with this awful doctor, and nothing changed. He just wasted my time and money. I spent 8k on the first procedure and $300 on the second one. PLEASE AVOID THIS DOCTOR AT ALL COSTS. HE ONLY CARES ABOUT MONEY AND DOESNT HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE OF WORKING WITH A VARIETY OF NOSES. I HONESTLY DONT KNOW HOW HE HAS HIS BUSINESS RUNNING AND HAS A DEGREE OF IT. HIS WORK IS HORRENDOUS. I WISH HE COULD HAVE BEEN HONEST WITH ME INSTEAD OF DESTROYING MY NOSE AND CONFIDENCE. I recently got back from Mexico, where I had to find another doctor (a professional one). She recorded the surgery and showed me all the issues he did with my nose, which I was utterly shocked. However, she fixed my nose and breathing problems. Currently, my nose looks completely different and beautiful. I am so in love with my results. She exceeded my expectations even though it has only been a few weeks."

1.0 Review from M.P. Source: Yelp Feb 21 2020

"Was late 10 mins couldn't get in. Lost $100 for appointment booking. DO NOT COME IF YOU VALUE YOUR MONEY."

1.0 Review from P.S. Source: Yelp Nov 04 2017

"I went to Dr. Shah to get some injections for a natural looking face lift. He convinced me that to look younger I need to get a chemical peel that was so strong it can only be performed by a licensed physician. After reading all the pros and cons he assured me that the procedure will go well and that it is what I need. I trusted him, so I agreed to start with the chemical peel. Big mistake!I was only 39 years old and he performed to strong of a chemical peel which left me with multiple layers of severe and permanent scarring on my forehead and hypo-pigmentation which means the pigment has been permanently stripped from parts of my face. I can not ever tan, because then you can really see the difference. During the actual procedure I told him that it was too much and that I could not take the burning anymore. I was in tears and felt like I am going to pass out. He told me: "You women who never had children don't know what pain is!" His other remark was that I should just imagine living in the middle east and have acid thrown on my face. He would not take it off. I have news for him. I did have a child 1.5 years later and child birth is not as painful as the procedure!!! He has never apologized to me and just denied that anything happened. I tried to get a lawsuit against him, but it is extremely hard to find a doctor who is willing to testify against another doctor. We found out that his notes were incomplete and that he lied in his notes as well. I would be VERY careful and want everyone to know that there are far better doctors out there who will not try to degrade their patients and who are not hackers like this one. Be very careful and do your research!!!"

1.0 Review from S.D. Source: Yelp Aug 30 2017

"Like Jackie , I also had a bad experience with dr shah in my rhinoplasty . Also had the "hump" and without the results he was so confident about."

1.0 Review from S.D. Source: Yelp Aug 30 2017

"Like Jackie , I also had a bad experience with dr shah in my rhinoplasty . Also had the "hump" and without the results he was so confident about."

1.0 Review from J.M. Source: Yelp Jun 09 2014

"If this review helps one person it is worth writing.  I had the absolute worst experience with Dr. Shah, not only did I find him condescending with horrible bedside manner, he is a terrible doctor and does not know what he is doing.  I came to him for a rhinoplasty, I had a severely deviated septum and hump in my nose that I was hoping to have removed.  I trusted that Dr Shah could do the job, as he said he could and what a HUGE mistake that was.  Over 6 months after my surgery I had horrible black eyes, I still couldn't breathe and the hump in my nose was still there.  After talking to many friends and finding out that this in fact was not normal I looked for another dr's opinion and in doing so found out that Dr. Shah had completely crushed my nose, he had broken the bones in my nose into tiny pieces which explained why I couldn't breathe and why my eyes were so horribly black.  I talked to Dr Shah about the situation and tried to get him to do the right thing (refund at least half of the money I had paid him for the surgery), he chose not to.  I am very fortunate as I was able to find a new dr that could fix the problems that he had created with my nose, but I am writing this because if I can somehow stop someone from making the same mistake I did by letting Dr Shah operate on me, then I am at least helping someone."
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