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Reviews for Septoplasty Procedures Near Denver, CO

5.0 Review from L.E. Source: Yelp Dec 29 2015

"This man is hands down the BEST plastic surgeon in Colorado. I had seen Dr. Shah back in July for a consultation regarding my deviated septum, he was warm, personable, extremely intelligent and very informative. I'd seen a few different surgeons in the Denver area including Dr. Shah and had decided to go with another well known surgeon due to expenses. Unfortunately, due to insurance denying the functional portion of my surgery the DAY BEFORE my scheduled surgery day I was unable to go forward with this doctor, needles to say I was completely devastated. That day I called Dr. Shah (Spoke with him personally), he put me on his surgery schedule right away and even discounted his surgeons fee $500 so I was able to pay easier. Having surgery fall through with the previous surgeon was a complete blessing, Dr. Shah and his team have been absolutely wonderful to me and my family. Not to mention I am so incredible pleased with the results!! I now have AMAZING breathability and the cute feminine nose I always wanted :). From the bottom of my heart thank you Dr. Shah!!!"

1.0 Review from J.M. Source: Yelp Jun 09 2014

"If this review helps one person it is worth writing.  I had the absolute worst experience with Dr. Shah, not only did I find him condescending with horrible bedside manner, he is a terrible doctor and does not know what he is doing.  I came to him for a rhinoplasty, I had a severely deviated septum and hump in my nose that I was hoping to have removed.  I trusted that Dr Shah could do the job, as he said he could and what a HUGE mistake that was.  Over 6 months after my surgery I had horrible black eyes, I still couldn't breathe and the hump in my nose was still there.  After talking to many friends and finding out that this in fact was not normal I looked for another dr's opinion and in doing so found out that Dr. Shah had completely crushed my nose, he had broken the bones in my nose into tiny pieces which explained why I couldn't breathe and why my eyes were so horribly black.  I talked to Dr Shah about the situation and tried to get him to do the right thing (refund at least half of the money I had paid him for the surgery), he chose not to.  I am very fortunate as I was able to find a new dr that could fix the problems that he had created with my nose, but I am writing this because if I can somehow stop someone from making the same mistake I did by letting Dr Shah operate on me, then I am at least helping someone."
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