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Reviews for Eyelid Surgery Procedures Near Denver, CO

1.0 Review from Anonymous Source: Vitals Aug 23 2016

"Sent from my iPad Begin forwarded message: From: [email protected] Date: August 23, 2016 at 4:52:32 PM MDT To: [email protected] Subject: (no subject) Dr. Shah did surgery on my neck and eyes and now my neck is totally numb and looks absolutely disgusting - HORRIBLE! I am so embarrassed to be seen in public because of what he did. Right after surgery my one eyelid had a lump on it which has never gone away. Every time I pointed out something that did not look right that he had done (and there were many things), he always had an excuse but he could never remember from appointment to appointment what excuse he had given to me the time before - they were always different. He offered to do the procedures over again but I would not let him come near me ever again! I look like a totally deformed freak thanks to Dr. Shah. Please look into many doctors before selecting one - you will thank me!"

1.0 Review from J.M. Source: Yelp Jun 09 2014

"If this review helps one person it is worth writing.  I had the absolute worst experience with Dr. Shah, not only did I find him condescending with horrible bedside manner, he is a terrible doctor and does not know what he is doing.  I came to him for a rhinoplasty, I had a severely deviated septum and hump in my nose that I was hoping to have removed.  I trusted that Dr Shah could do the job, as he said he could and what a HUGE mistake that was.  Over 6 months after my surgery I had horrible black eyes, I still couldn't breathe and the hump in my nose was still there.  After talking to many friends and finding out that this in fact was not normal I looked for another dr's opinion and in doing so found out that Dr. Shah had completely crushed my nose, he had broken the bones in my nose into tiny pieces which explained why I couldn't breathe and why my eyes were so horribly black.  I talked to Dr Shah about the situation and tried to get him to do the right thing (refund at least half of the money I had paid him for the surgery), he chose not to.  I am very fortunate as I was able to find a new dr that could fix the problems that he had created with my nose, but I am writing this because if I can somehow stop someone from making the same mistake I did by letting Dr Shah operate on me, then I am at least helping someone."
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