Hyperpigmentation improves with Melasma peel

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This ethnic patient with Melasma had been treated elsewhere with light therapies, laser, and chemical peels but was dissatisfied with her progress. She came to see Dr. Shah in Denver to get the best outcome for her hyperpigmentation that she could! She was very satisfied with her treatment.




Hyperpigmentation Denver

This medical professional had been treated in the past elsewhere for her hyperpigmentation, or Melasma.  As a woman of color, she was at higher risk for this problem.  Melasma tends to occur in women, is familial, is effected by hormone fluctuations, is very sensitive to sun exposure, and can be difficult to treat.  She had only one peeling session with the Melasma peel by Mesoestetic.  It achieved success where her other treatments failed...

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