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Extreme sports fanatic wanted to breathe better after multiple nasal fractures*

Procedure Details

This young man in his 30's is a lover of extreme sports. As such he has fractured his nose several times over the years. This has resulted in him not being able to breathe well and a severe deviation of his nose. He wanted a straighter nose and to be able to breathe better. He consulted with Denver, Colorado rhinoplasty expert, Dr. Manish Shah, to help him. Dr. Shah was able to perform a rhinoplasty, septoplasty, and turbinate reduction surgery to open up the nasal airways, straighten the nose, and smooth out the bony hump on his nose. He was very happy with the results of his surgery and continues in his pursuit of extreme sports.

Septal deviation repair Denver

This young athlete had developed severe nasal obstruction after multiple nasal fractures. He wanted to improve the look of his nose and improve his breathing. He had a septal deviation and hypertrophy of his inferior turbinates. He consulted with rhinoplasty and nasal surgery expert, Dr. Manish Shah, to fix his nose. Dr. Shah has experience with all types of rhinoplasty procedures and chose the endonasal approach to fix this man's nose. The patient had a septoplasty, dorsal hump reduction, and inferior turbinate reduction and outfracture to straighten the nose and open up the breathing passages. The surgery was a success and the patient was able to resume his sporting activities to the fullest.


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