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Denver Asian female desires revision rhinoplasty for a more natural appearance*

Procedure Details

This young woman in her late 30's had rhinoplasty surgery previously performed. She had a solid silicone dorsal nasal implant that she wanted to remove and replace with a more natural material. She also felt that her tip was raised to high and that it lacked definition. She consulted with Ethnic rhinoplasty expert, Dr. Manish Shah, of Denver to help with her concerns. Dr. Shah felt that she should remove the implant and re-augment the bridge of her nose with a diced cartilage-fascia graft (DCF graft) using cadaver cartilage and a small piece of temporalis fascia from her right scalp. He then planned to reposition and reshape the tip of her nose to enhance its' beauty. She had the procedure and tolerated it well. There were no complications and she loved her natural results!

Asian Revision Rhinoplasty

This 30's year old Asian female from Denver had previous rhinoplasty surgery to build up the bridge of the nose. Her surgeon placed a silicone nasal implant which is a common and accepted method for augmenting the bridge of the nose. After a number of years, she wanted to remove the implant and replace it with a more natural material. She also wanted to lengthen her nose a bit and make her nasal tip more distinctive. She consulted with Denver Ethnic rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Manish Shah. He recommended removal of the silicone implant and re-augmentation of the nasal bridge with a DCF graft made from cadaver rib cartilage and the patient's own temporalis fascia from the scalp. She had open revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Shah and it went perfectly. The patient healed without complication and is very happy with her natural results. 


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