Young woman wanted a lip lift to improve her smile*

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This 40's yo female felt that she had a long upper lip that was thin when she smiled. She consulted with Denver plastic surgeon, Dr. Manish Shah, to learn more about her options for lip enhancement. He felt that she had enough lip mass, but that the upper lip was too long and disharmonious to the other structures around her mouth. He felt that a sub-nasal, or bullhorn, lip lift would work perfectly for her. As you can see in her photos, he was correct! As a facial cosmetic surgery specialist, Dr. Shah, has a keen knack for seeing the outcome clearly before he operates to allow a patient the best chance for an optimum outcome.

Bullhorn Lip Lift Denver



Bullhorn Lip Lift Denver

This 40's year old Middle Eastern female wanted a lip lift to balance off her smile and show more teeth. She felt her upper lip was too long and thin. She had a lip lift using an incision under the base of the nose to hide the scar. The results of Dr. Shah's surgery are perfect!

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