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Denver woman desires a natural looking facelift procedure to look younger*

Procedure Details

This 50's year old female wanted to look younger but wanted her procedure to have a natural outcome. She consulted facelift expert Manish H. Shah, MD, FACS for her facial analysis and surgical planning. Dr. Shah decided to perform a mini facelift on this patient along with facial liposuction to improve her looks but avoid the "overdone" or windswept appearance that is common with facelifts performed by surgeons with less experience than Dr. Shah. Over the last 10 years, Dr. Shah has performed more than 2000 facelift and necklift procedures at his Denver area plastic surgery practice. In fact, 90% of Dr. Shah's procedures involve facial plastic surgery.

Natural Facelift Results

This 50's year old female from Denver wanted a natural facelift to hold off the early aging she was noticing around her mouth and jawline. She consulted with facelift specialist, Dr. Manish Shah, of Shah Aesthetic Surgery in Denver, Colorado to learn more about how facelift could improve her looks without creating a surgical looking result. Dr. Shah performed a mini facelift with lateral platysmaplasty. Dr. Shah used a SMAS plication technique that does not require cutting the SMAS, making it a safer procedure with less of a chance of facial nerve injury and facial paralysis.  As you can see the patient looks younger and less deflated without having to add any volume to her face. In modern facelifting, proper repositioning of facial tissues with masterful addition of volume has replaced the old techniques of aggressive pulling of tissues. When a patient is young and deflation is still in it's early stages, a mini facelift or full facelift can be peformed without need for volume restoration because the face often has enough deep tissue.  The tissues are just in the wrong position. This patient now has a cleaner looking jawline without jowling. Additionally the corners of her mouth are now straight instead of in a frowning position. This make her look less sad.


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