Denver athlete wants her eyebrows lifted to give her a more sophisticated look!

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This 40's year old woman wanted to lift the tail of her eyebrows to create a more open look to the outside of her eyes and correct the sense of hooding she felt on the outside of each of her upper eyelids. She had a dual-plane temporal browlift performed under local anesthesia in the office by Dr. Manish Shah, a Denver based plastic surgeon who specializes in facial cosmetic surgery under local anesthesia. Here she is only 1 week after surgery with minimal bruising and no pain!

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Dual-plane Browlift Denver

This 40's year old patient of Dr. Shah's had been coming for Botox injections to reduce her crow's feet and attempt to elevate the tail of her eyebrows with little success. She is a fitness instructor with very strong facial muscles and a very high metabolism. Dr. Shah recommended that she add a dual-plane temporal browlift to reset the anatomic position of her temporal eyebrow and then maintain the position with Botox or Dysport injection afterwards. The patient felt that this was an excellent suggestion and agreed to move forward. She had the procedure using only local anesthesia. She was even able to drive herself home safely. Her pictures show no swelling and minimal bruising after just 1 week. She tolerated the procedure very well and recovered quickly using Dr. Shah's Rapid Recovery Protocol. 

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