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Review from JT  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Dec 27, 2017

I wanted to take this opportunity to share my experience with Shah Aesthetic Surgery. I was experiencing some age related issues in my face and neck, and my wife, who has been a patient of Dr. Shah, recommended that I visit with him. During my initial visit, Dr. Shah asked me what my concerns were and what I wanted to achieve. He then examined my face and neck and made some observations about what he felt were possible concerns, and recommended some corrective options. He encouraged me to think about what I wanted to achieve, and to let him know. I gave the matter a lot of thought, and went back to Dr. Shah for a second consultation. During the second consultation, I mentioned that I was concerned about always looking tired and angry; especially when I wasn't. Dr. Shah noticed my "scowl" and suggested that he could address that specific problem by Botox injections or surgery. That became an "ah-ha" moment for me because I realized I had been dealing with stress and pressure in my forehead and eyes (and a LOT of headaches) for most of my life. As a results, I agreed to a surgical correction to that problem, as well as some aesthetic corrections to my eyes, face, and neck. He told me how long short-term recovery would take, anticipated side effects (swelling, etc.), and how long it would take for the full results of the procedures to take effect (six months). I began following Dr. Shah's pre-surgery protocols a couple of weeks before the procedure. In addition, I followed Dr. Shah's rapid-recovery protocols after surgery. The surgery went well, and I was able to notice a lack of pressure in my forehead shortly after surgery. The relief has been profound and very much appreciated. As the swelling in my face and neck subsided, I began noticing the improvements to my appearance that were subtle and natural looking. I looked younger and less stressed. It has been two months since my procedure, and I am very pleased with the results so far, and I look forward to more improvements over the next four months. I am very impressed with Dr. Manish Shah and his staff for the quality of services they provide, and I am grateful for the genuine caring and professionalism they demonstrated throughout my consultations, procedure, and aftercare. I strongly recommend Shah Aesthetic Surgery. They get it, and they deliver. I am a happy camper!! Signed, A Happy Camper More

Review from BV  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Feb 13, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day Dr. Shah! This is a perfect holiday for me to thank you for standing by me over the years! You worked hard to take care of me and I am so grateful! You have touched my hearth with your talent, care, and concern. Thank you!!! Love and gratitude, BV More

Review from J  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Dec 21, 2016

Dr. Shah - You are my Leonardo DaVinci! Thank you for making me feel beautiful. J More

Review from K  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Nov 28, 2016

Dr. Shah & Staff... It's nice to know you're in good hands. Thank you for your time and patience with me. Much thanks and looking forward to working with you again. Thanks also for caring. Love, K More

Review from KS  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Nov 28, 2016

Hello Everyone! I just wanted to thank all of you for taking such good care of me during surgery. I'm so happy with the outcome. Thank you, several of you, for sharing your stories with me. I don't think you planned it but your candor put me at ease... there is a lot of heart in your office, Dr. Shah, I'm sure you know. I hope you enjoy these, the pumpkin bread is my new weakness. The chocolate chip cookies are only like 100 calories so enjoy them guilt free (I don't know how they do it, they're pretty amazing)... and who doesn't love truffles? I thought about throwing in some of my Lenny and Larry high protein cookies but they're pretty terrible. Dr. Shah will be happy to know I choked them down post-op. I'm not the best a creating gift baskets. My friend, Charity, is much better. I loved the polka dots but as I lack balance in most things it might appear that some polka dots threw up all over your treats... either way I tried. Happy Thanksgiving, see you soon, have a beautiful holiday as you make others beautiful. KS More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Feb 05, 2016

I had good experience with the staff as well as the doctor for my consultation. I can't wait to have him do my surgery. I would recommend him More

Review from AB  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Nov 05, 2015

Dear Brenda and Dr. Shah, Just a quick note to Thank You both once again for your kindness and continued support of the last 2 years (time flies!) I appreciate the Rx for the antibiotics while I was in the States - makes dentist visits so much easier here in Germany. I wish you personal and professional success - if I make it to Denver, will swing by your new office. Regards, AB More

Review from CS  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Feb 09, 2015

Dr. Shah, I wanted to say thank you to you and your team for your support. Your patience with my endless questions, your guidance, and most importantly with the end result of my recent procedure! I interviewed several doctors before making my decision and in all honesty I found them lacking in comparison to your and your team. Everything about your approach resonated with me. The fact you took time to talk about my needs and what was important to me was key. However, the biggest differentiator is the fact you don't advocate a "one size fits all" but a more individualized approach. If you ever decide medicine is no longer for you (which would be a great loss!) I have to say that you'd kill it in consulting/sales. Thanks so much for everything, CS More

Review from LP  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Apr 19, 2014

For as long as I can remember, I was teased about my large nose. It didn’t fit with the rest of my face and protruded quite far. I wanted a rhinoplasty ever since I was in middle school. My nose was not feminine at all and seemed to be the butt of most jokes amongst my peers. I just wanted to look pretty, feel pretty, and have the teasing and comments stopped for good. I had a rhinoplasty in August of 2008 by another plastic surgeon in Denver. I was so excited and emotionally ready to finally have the procedure done, I had been dreaming of this day for almost 15 years. After my surgery my nose was straight but very swollen. I was thrilled at how straight it was since I had the classic “italian bump” in my nose. I was growing concerned over the swelling and how it was taking so long to go away, I was reassured by my surgeon that it was normal and would go away eventually. Over the next few months, the tip of my nose become very bulbous looking and it was starting to droop. I noticed it in a picture of myself that was taken on a night out and I was devastated. This wasn’t what I wanted or hoped for. My family and close friends were even commenting on the way it was starting to look.I was still told by my surgeon that it was normal and to be patient before he told me I may need another surgery to correct it. This was not the news I wanted to hear, but it also wasn’t the result I had wanted either. 18 months after my original surgery, I consulted with Dr. Shah about a secondary rhinoplasty. Dr. Shah came highly recommended to me as someone who specializes in “secondary rhinoplasty procedures”. I knew if I was going to have to go through this again, I was going to go to a surgeon who has a great reputation for doing not only rhinoplasty’s but secondary procedures as well. I had even considered seeing a surgeon in Los Angeles before seeing Dr. Shah. Dr. Shah took one look at me and knew exactly what had gone wrong in the first surgery and how to correct with a simple second surgery. I knew right then, I had to have Dr. Shah correct my nose once and for all. I became excited again and I knew that I was in the right hands. Dr. Shah showed me my pictures on a computer program and together, we talked about my goals and his plan for my final results. He made sure he knew what I was requesting for him to do. I was put at ease because he knew exactly what I wanted, and he was going to be able to do it. I am not very good at being patient so I scheduled my surgery to be done in two weeks. My surgery was a breeze. Everyone at the surgical center was so sweet and made it a very comfortable experience. The hardest part of the recovery is waiting for the splint to come off. Once it did, I was stunned. So stunned that I didn’t say anything, I was speechless. Dr. Shah did it! He did exactly what I wanted. I finally look the way I pictured myself looking and I finally like the way I look! I had my surgery 8 months ago and the swelling continues to go down, just like Dr. Shah told me it would. I saw a picture taken of myself from a friends birthday party and for the first time in my life, I didn’t immediately look to see how my awful my nose looked. I absolutely loved what I saw and I know that other people see me the way I always wanted them to. Words can not express how grateful I am to Dr. Shah. I do not even want to think about how much worse I would have looked and felt, had Dr. Shah not corrected my first surgery. My self esteem is the best that its ever been thanks to him. Dr. Shah gave me a nose that compliments the rest of my facial features with out looking like I had anything “done”. A thousand “Thank you’s” don’t seem to be enough for what he did for me; a surgery that he performs almost everyday changed my life. by LP, 29 yo female More

Review from TP  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Mar 20, 2014

I had a rhinoplasty approximately 2yrs ago with Dr. Shah, after having broken my nose four times before due to sports injuries. I could no longer breathe out of my nose in the rest position so loss of sleep was great; additionally I suffered constant headaches. I was very pleased to have had my surgical procedure with Dr. Shah as he again restored my breathing and made my nose look great. I would, and have recommended his work to family and friends. More

Review from AB  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Feb 20, 2014

Dr. Shah, Elizabeth and I appreciate the personal and professional manner that you demonstrate to us. Elizabeth remarked after her most recent appointment, "Dr. Shah treats me as I am his only patient." Thank you for what and how you do! Sincerely, Elizabeth and AB More

Review from TR  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Feb 03, 2014

Dr. Shah, I don’t even know where to begin to thank you for giving me back my life. The past few years have been harder than anyone can imagine. And going to doctors who told me there was nothing they could do made it worse. But thanks to you, I have begun to heal, emotionally as well as physically. I can join the land of the living again, become the fun, witty woman I used to be. The work you’ve done is beautiful, and there is NO WAY any other doctor could have performed the miracle you did. So again…Thank you!! by TR, 41yo female, total nasal reconstruction More

Review from TH  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Jan 16, 2014

When I decided to have cosmetic surgery, I wanted a surgeon who specialized in rhinoplasty with an emphasis in ethnic rhinoplasty. While researching several plastic surgeons, I found that Dr. Shah was the best qualified doctor to perform my surgery. Dr. Shah and his staff made me feel comfortable about my decision to have this procedure done. They are professional and very personable. I would recommend Dr. Shah to anyone who is considering cosmetic surgery. I’m very pleased with the results of my surgery. Its only been three months since my surgery, and I can see a subtle yet an amazing difference in my appearance. I’m greatful for Dr. Shah and his staff. More

Review from MD  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Dec 20, 2013

Not only do you care for others, you reach out to help them too. Thank you for making a difference... especially in my life. Thank you for making a difference on my face. I am so pleased. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas Season and a Happy 2014! MD More

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