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Reviews for Denver, CO Plastic Surgeon Dr. Manish Shah Nose Procedures

5.0 Review from K.G. Source: Yelp Sep 06 2017

"I'm 3 months post tip rhinoplasty and very pleased with my results! Dr. Shah explained the procedure and costs in full detail, and answered my repetitive questions leading up to the surgery. My surgery was performed in office under local anesthesia as I requested. It was completely painless and quick. I was given a blanket to keep warm and my option of music, which I preferred to be turned down low. That morning I had a severe allergy flare up from hay fever which caused me to sneeze uncontrollably DURING my surgery. Dr. Shah handled the situation in a calm and patient matter despite how frustrating it must have been. My nose turned out PERFECT despite how much I was sneezing. My recovery was quick and I looked normal after about 1 week of surgery! I was provided with a pre and post op vitamin package that I believe contributed to the rapid healing of my nose. I would highly recommend Dr. Shah to anyone who wants tip rhinoplasty  and would choose him again for any future surgeries!"

5.0 Review from S.P. Source: Yelp Feb 14 2016

"I am 6 weeks into my tip rhinoplasty surgery and am so happy with the results.  From day one everyone was amazing.  Brenda at the front desk is always friendly  and more than happy to accommodate.  Dr. Shah explained the entire procedure in detail.  I felt completely safe and comfortable in his hands.  He even let me play my own music during the procedure.  I opted out of taking Valium to numb the pain for the anesthesia shots and he did a great job talking me through it and telling me when to breath.  The procedure itself was somewhat trying.  There was no pain but a lot of tugging and pulling.  In retrospect, the Valium probably would have helped me relax, but using my breath worked just fine.  There was only point at the end when some of the anesthesia wore off and I could feel some stitches.  By then, getting the shots, again, would have caused more pain and I relied on focusing on my breath.  Overall, I give the experience a 9 out 10.  And, the results 10 out of 10."

5.0 Review from L.E. Source: Yelp Dec 30 2015

"This man is hands down the BEST plastic surgeon in Colorado. I had seen Dr. Shah back in July for a consultation regarding my deviated septum, he was warm, personable, extremely intelligent and very informative. I'd seen a few different surgeons in the Denver area including Dr. Shah and had decided to go with another well known surgeon due to expenses. Unfortunately, due to insurance denying the functional portion of my surgery the DAY BEFORE my scheduled surgery day I was unable to go forward with this doctor, needles to say I was completely devastated. That day I called Dr. Shah (Spoke with him personally), he put me on his surgery schedule right away and even discounted his surgeons fee $500 so I was able to pay easier. Having surgery fall through with the previous surgeon was a complete blessing, Dr. Shah and his team have been absolutely wonderful to me and my family. Not to mention I am so incredible pleased with the results!! I now have AMAZING breathability and the cute feminine nose I always wanted :). From the bottom of my heart thank you Dr. Shah!!!"

5.0 Review from S.A. Source: Yelp Aug 03 2015

"Dr. Shah is a very talented Doctor, especially when it comes to the Rhinoplasty procedure. When you visit his office, your are welcomed and feel at ease. Dr. Manish Shah takes his time and really listens to your needs/desires for the selected procedure. He customizes and sculpts noses in an amazing way so that it looks completely authentic and natural. Dr. Shah takes his time and pays very close attention to when it comes to detail and his patients'. If you are considering a Rhinoplasty procedure, I'd highly recommend Dr. Manish Shah. This procedure has changed my life in a positive way and more than satisfied with my results."

5.0 Review from M.B. Source: Yelp Jul 09 2015

"I feel honored to write a review on Yelp regarding Dr. Manish Shah, as he is exceptional as a surgeon and as a personable doctor in the office. Dr Shah takes the necessary time to discuss the problem (for me it was my nose needing some tweaking) and how he would approach the correction through surgery. I'm impressed that he took photographs of the face at each of my appointments--and gave me a thumb drive with the photos--so there would be a recorded history of before and after. Dr. Shah is one who has you feeling very at ease and confidant in his work. His resume is most impressive (found on his website) and is why I selected him. The office staff is likewise professional and personable---a more desired combination for a medical office visit."

5.0 Review from S.S. Source: Yelp Apr 26 2015

"Dr Shah is the best. I would highly recommend him. I had rhinoplasty over a year ago. After other consultations where they told me to "pick a nose I like" I was happy to find Dr. Shah. He actually takes your nose and face in to consideration. His policy is that he would rather be conservative, then give you a nose that doesn't look good on you or would cause you to have problems breathing. So I went in for my initial surgery. I really couldn't believe how little pain, swelling, and bruising I had. I was ready to go out in public after only a week and basically only took Tylenol. I never needed anything stronger. You then have frequent check ups with him where he takes pictures and monitors your healing. He has you wait a full year until your nose is fully healed, then he will do some slight revisions to if you would like for just a small fee that covers the supply costs. He never charges you again for his services. He just wants you to be happy, but within reason. This is what I like the most about him. He really always has your best interest in mind. Also, he give you his personal cell phone and calls you himself after surgery to make sure you are doing ok. His staff is all really nice. Jennifer, the receptionist, is awesome. She knows who you are when you walk in and remembers where you work, recent events, etc. and asks about them."
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