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Reviews for Denver, CO Plastic Surgeon Dr. Manish Shah Liposuction Procedures

0.0 Review from O. Source: RealSelf May 11 2017

"Lipo from Flanks and Abdomen with Fat Transfer to Hips - So I hate my figure. It isn't a weight issue, but just a problem with my weight distribution. It has bothered me my whole life and I have wanted to fix it for years. I've tried extreme dieting and working out... nothing can change the where your fat wants to live... except surgery. I've seriously considered surgery for 2 or 3 years now. However I've been very busy and have not had the..."

0.0 Review from J. Source: RealSelf Jan 13 2016

"68 Years and a New Attitude - Denver, CO - So far they have been very friendly, cheerful and thoroughly informative. - - I am just one week away from having my procedure, an in-office face lift, with Dr Manish Shah. At 68 years old I am ready to have the jowls and double chin disappear to have a better profile and look a little better in the berets I have always liked to wear. Having provided after care for several of Dr Shah's patients over the last couple of years I have seen great recoveries and feel comfortable with the process and easy access to him. I actually have been teasing him that I've wanted him to make me look like Cher, and although that won't be the case I have a thrilled anticipation for the result. I am actually amazed at how calm I feel toward this because that has not been the usual mood when facing a surgery. It must be because it is elected? Maybe also because having a nutritional background I can see how his Rapid Recovery Protocol will make a big difference......that coupled with my professional medical icing device. I probably could have summed this up in one word.......Yippee!"
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